How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020
When done properly, building a brand on social media can pay dividends for your business and ensure you are successful for years to come. However, a single misstep can result in customers losing trust in what you offer.

If you want to build a social media content strategy that gets results, you must know what to do. Keep reading to learn about this here.

Lock in the Purpose of the Brand

If your brand has no purpose, it’s the same as a captain of a ship without a compass. Before you try to map out your content strategy, look at the values, vision, and mission of your business. By addressing this in the beginning and putting a priority on it, you will have an easier time understanding what your brand should do and say on social and how to answer important questions, including how to communicate authentically as a brand.

From this point, you can begin to develop a voice and style naturally that resonates through the lens of your purpose in a way that ensures your audience knows they are heard and that they are sharing this journey with you. In this way, your strategies will go much deeper than just how you are talking. It turns into a matter of how you set people up for success and productivity with the content you share.

Post a Minimum of Once a Day

Today is the digital age where the pace of information continues to increase, it’s necessary to get your timing and frequency right. By posting at least one time a day, your audience will get to a point where they anticipate the content you post. This also helps you set your brand apart from the competition. If you are managing several platforms, this otherwise easy task may feel daunting and difficult to nail down into a disciplined and organized regimen. If you want a better way to manage this, be sure to use one of the scheduling tools that are available.

Along with these tools, though, you can’t shirk the responsibility of creating and managing your content calendar. This is a living and breathing document that will help you maintain a tally of your posts and help you detail the essential elements, such as the topics you choose and how many posts you have created.

You can use this document to determine if your mix of content is diverse enough. If there are any gaps you can fill in, you can find them here. You will also discover where you need to make adjustments based on what content gets the most engagement.

The posts you create for social media need to be a good mix of things like:

  • Video
  • Industry Stats
  • Animations
  • Client Feedback
  • Questions For Your Audience
  • Polls and Surveys

With the right mix of content, keeping your audience interested and engaged will be easy.

social media marketing plan

Use Metrics to Map Strong Engagement

Your business is unique and there are many marketing benchmarks you need to track to ensure that your efforts are achieving the goals you have set. After all, different objectives will result in different outcomes.

For example, if you are trying to boost brand awareness, you will probably use paid media to expose your content to the most people possible. However, when it comes to engagement, you need to make sure your marketing efforts are delivered to the right audience. Every effort you make, you need to measure the results you achieve, which will also let you know when adjustments should be made.

If you want to create an effective social media marketing plan, there are more than a few factors to keep in mind. The tips and information here will help you get started and ensure that your social media strategy helps you achieve the results that you are after. 
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